153/365 : Option One.. Option Two.. Neither!

Okay. First of all, I again apologize for the horrible photo. I tried to get a better shot but I had to settle on this one because I am way too busy to try to not get the flash to show...

I have my ILR appointment in Liverpool on Thursday so I have started getting everything together today. When I was in the States working on my Spousal Visa I let myself get way too stressed out about it and then with the cats paperwork (which was even harder then my own) I was a complete mess! This time around I wanted to wait until a few days before to start so that it did not take over too much of my life. It is seriously amazing how a person turns into a ball of blubber when it comes to dealing with this Immigration stuff.

Andy and I stopped by Asda after work as we both had to get some passport photos taken. Unfortunately I do not think that I will be able to use any of the above.

I took the ones on the left first and after I came out Andy pointed out that it stated in the instruction poster (which was hanging just to my right the entire time) that my ears should be in fact showing. *ugh* That is £4 down the drain.

I then had to go back into Asda to buy something else so that I could get £10 back in pound coins so that I could try again.

So... I take the ones on the right. We get home and I look thru the photo guidance instructions and what do I see? It says that you can not have any hair hanging down and into your eyes. Darn my bangs (fringe). *double ugh* That is £8 down the drain.

I went into the bathroom and trimmed up my own bangs and will attempt to go back tomorrow after work. I will take all of them to my appointment on Thursday and they can pick which one they like the best. I guess it is good to have choices.

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FutureMrsC said...

Passport sized photos are the worst! Annnddd.....I would triple check the guidelines once again because every time I read something about those photos, it says you're not allowed to smile.

GL with your ILR though! xx

ceelynn said...

Wow. Picky picky! Next they are going to decide that you should have bare shoulders and people will be taking topless passport photos!

Meg said...

I never saw guidance notes about ears showing. Better yet, add this as a query on UKY...rack it up there with my question about trimming my photo, hehe.