163/365 : Thirsty

This has been a regular sight in our bathroom lately. All of our cats love fresh water... so much that we have always had one of those running water fountains so that they can get fresher water at all times. However for Gallagher that does not seem to be enough!

If we go into the bathroom for any reason he is right there at our feet and fully expects for the water at the sink to be left on for him so that he can take a drink.

He has also taken a shine to jumping into the shower with me! I thought cats were supposed to be afraid of water? Ours is obsessed with it.

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ceelynn said...

This is EVERY morning for one of my cats! Yours is very talented that he managed to do it on the pedestal sink. Go Gallagher! (btw, Liam or Noel??) :)

Helen said...

I love this one!! :)