164/365 : Boo Hoo

Andy and I went to go see this movie tonight. This photo is from the movie magazine that I picked up on our way out.

I have not cried as much in a movie in a long... long time. In fact I haven't cried that much over anything in a long... long time.

Great movie but if you watch it make sure to take some tissues. Thankfully I have always some in my purse. Andy was even on the verge of letting out a few tears.

Oh and of course... Owen Wilson was his same cute self!

I just always get nervous when cute little animal movies come out because I know there will be a spike in people buying puppies. Then when they realize how much work it is to have a dog they have to turn them over to somebody else or take them to the pound... or God forbid they just dump them. Hopefully they will think about the lifelong commitment long and hard before jumping anything anything! Pets are for life!

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