166/365 : The Untold Story

When Andy and I were at the FA Cup Match back on March 8th we discovered that a little work had been done to the car while we were watching the match.

Andy's dad had met us at the grounds and we were giving him a ride back to his ship so he walked back to the car with us. We have always parked around 1.3 miles from Goodison near a park. Well when we were walking up to the car we noticed that the back seat had been lowered down and we opened the passenger side car door to find that it was unlocked. But we knew we had locked both doors.

It was apparent that somebody had broken into the car.

We stopped by Andy's Nan's house to pick up his dad's things before we took him to the ship and it was not until then that we noticed that the lock on the passenger's side door had been knocked out and that is how they were able to get into the car without breaking a window... *ugh*

This is the first time I remembered to take a picture of the damage. Can you believe this? Andy and I have bought some car body filler and some wire mesh so that we can just cover up the hole. Let us hope that it does not happen to the driver side or we will be crawling in and out of the car via the trunk (boot).

The only thing that was in the car that they could take was a £4 wind up flashlight that was in the glove box... and they did in fact take it! I hope they got a good price for it!

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Meg said...

My car was broken into in the States before I moved to North Carolina from Ohio. They broke my wing mirror, coincidentally the 2nd most expensive on the car. Unfortunately I forgot to take the faceplate off my CD player and they stole that. Sad for them, my Alanis Morissette "Unplugged" CD was stuck inside, unable to be ejected.

Serves them right.