167/365 : A View From Our Seats!

Andy and I were back in Liverpool today. We were at Goodison Park at 7:45am so that when Season Tickets went on sale at 8:00am we could be first in line. Well it turns out we were actually second in line but hey who is counting?

We told the gentlemen at the box office that we would like to look at seats in the Park End so he wrote a few of them down and we there then taken into the grounds by a steward to be shown the available seats.

After walking around for about 5-10 we made our way down to PE2 (Park End Section 2) row F and decided that we liked these the best. And... it is quite funny but they are actually the same two seats that we have been sitting in for the FA Cup Matches. So really we did not need to be taken around but it was a great experience to see the seats without there being a ton of people there. Like I mentioned in the attached post they are not actually sitting next to each other. We have one aisle seat and then there are two next to it that are taken then our second seat. The man that has the two in between has not had a problem letting Andy and I just sit next to each other and I can't see why he would have a problem for next season. I am sure he will be renewing his season tickets also.

And since you guys have seen quite a few pictures of Goodison and are probably tired of it... I am posting another picture also.

After we were done picking our seats Andy and I made our way to Prince Rupert's Tower which is in the town of Everton, just outside Liverpool. I wanted to get a picture of this as it is used in Everton's crest and did not know it was still around until Andy was telling me about it the other day.

This was built in 1787 and was used a lock-up to incarcerate wrong doers until they could be taken to the magistrates the next day.

Could you imagine being locked in this little place overnight?

If you enlarge the picture you will see downtown Liverpool just off the right of the tower and the first building you can see there is the Royal Liver Building. I love that building!

Here is Everton's Crest and you can see how the tower is used in it.

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snowelf said...

I love going to live sporting events! So fun!!

And no, no way could I imagine being locked in that little house. Although it kinda looks like something from Snow White, doesn't it. :P


A Brit in Tennessee said...

"Nothing but the best, is good enough "....
My gran and I used to go to Liverpool every Monday to put her money from her bakery, in Littlewoods Bank.
We would get the ferry boat the Royal Iris, and have an afternoon at New Brighton...some of the best times of my childhood.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a lovely comment !