168/365 : Luck of the... English?

So... this is the top that I wore to work today and as you can see there is no green to be found anywhere on it.

I made sure and asked the people around me at work on Monday if we were expected to wear green on St. Patrick's Day and I was given a confident 'no'. When asked why it is not a big deal here I was told 'Because we are English... not Irish'.

This made me laugh.

In the United States St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big holiday for whatever reason. People expect you to wear green and if not you run the risk of being pinched.

Well Andy always flat out refused to wear green on this day and pretty much dared people to try to pinch him. When I or anybody else would ask why he did not want to wear green he would answer 'Because I am English... not Irish'.

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Avey said...

The Irisg don't make a big deal of it either..... eccept when drunk in a pub.

I remember a certain Bono giving plastic Irish in the USA a hard time when introducing 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'. The British even banned the Irish from wearing green in Ireland over a period in their history.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a lovely comment....
I was reading another ExPat's blog on St. Patrick's Day, expressing her opinion on the "Being Irish for a day " theory, and how she dislikes it...
You may find it an interesting read.


I can't say it is my opinion. If I were living back in England, to be truthful, we NEVER celebrated St. Patrick's day, never wore green either just for the day.
I'm English, we celebrate St. George's Day, however, adter saying that, I am a linked with Ireland through my great grandfather, and have always had ties to the country.
I'll check back later!