171/365 : Data Controller

So today when I got on the bus there was a GMPTE Employee standing by the door. Once the four of us that got on took a seat he started to make his way around to each of us. His nifty little maroon sweater said "Data Controller". Here is how our conversation went:

Him: Where are you riding to today?
Me: Blackrod.
Him: Is this for work, shopping, school or something else?
Me: Work.
Him: Did you purchase a single ticket or return?
Me: Single.
Him: Did you pay £2.50?
Me: No it was £3.20.
Him: £3.20? That is pretty expensive.
Me: Yeah I know.
Him: Okay, thank you.

I am curious as to why a GMPTE employee would make a comment that my bus ticket was too expensive. I just find this odd.

On my week of lates I normally buy a week pass for £15.50 (which only saves me .50) but this week Andy was off on Monday so he drove me in. So I figured since I would only be taking the bus for 4 days I would just buy a single ticket each day. It has always been £3.20 one-way.

Yes I know this is expensive but should a transportation employee really make a comment about it?

Then when I was standing up to get off at my stop our conversation continued:

Him: Where are you from?
Me: The United States, from Illinois.
Him: What brought you to the UK?
Me: My husband and I have been living in the US for eight years and he finally got home sick.

Then my most hated question in the World came up...

Him: Why would you ever want to move to the UK?

*ugh* I hate getting asked this all of the time!

Then to make it worse after work at around 9:30pm Andy and I ran into the Co-Op to pick up some stuff for the weekend and the check-out lady picked up on my accent and asked the exact same thing. "Why would you ever want to live here?". *double ugh*

I always answer this question the same. I smile and say "I love it here".

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Rob and Aimee said...

Haha! That's the question people ask those who've moved to southern Illinois from somewhere else!

Meg said...

I ALWAYS get that question and wonder if I'm missing something. SHOULD I dislike it here? I think it's because the perception in general is that America is so fantastic. I even had one student tell me how he wants to move there because he heard "it's clean and no one litters on the floor."

John said...

Think how you make these people feel-good- when you say you like it here.
Tell them that there is a waiting list for people to move here.