173/365 : Happy Mother's Day (UK Version)

Today is Mother's Day in the UK. Andy and I went out this morning to get some fresh flowers for his mom. We wanted to buy them fresh but should have known all of the stores would be crowded and that the lines would be crazy long.

While we were out I went ahead and picked up a card for my mom. Since Mother's Day is not until May in the US I am pretty sure there will not be any proper cards left by that time!

Andy and I have also decided to try to make our very own home-made Papa Murphy's Pizza so we bought the stuff for that. For those of you that do not know what this is... it is a take and bake pizza chain in the States. They have a grilled chicken and bacon stuffed pizza that has a garlic sauce instead of a tomato sauce that is to die for! I have done some research online and have found how to make the sauce so we are going to go for it tomorrow night. I think we may even make home-made pizza dough. We are getting very adventurous!

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