174/365 : The Pizza!

We pulled it off! How exciting is this? We even made home-made pizza dough. Here is how we created this bad boy. Here are the layers involved:

---- Sauce, Cheese, Mushrooms, Onions, Bacon
---- Sauce, Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Onions, Bacon
-------Dough (Larger then pizza pan)

Note: The chicken and bacon is precooked before you put this all together

I do not like tomato sauce pizza's very much so when we found this pizza made with a garlic creamy sauce we went for it... it is SO good! Here is how you make the sauce:

1 Cup Ranch Dressing (Or if you are in the UK and do not have Ranch Dressing but you have the Ranch powder mix you can use 1 Cup Mayonnaise and two tablespoons mix)
2 Garlic Cloves Crushed

That is it! How simple is this? I have a couple of things of Dry Ranch Mix so I used that with the Mayonnaise. I found how to make it online because a Papa Murphy's employee posted it on a recipe site.

Just start with a larger dough base (as you will need to fold the edges over later). Then put about 2/3 of your sauce on. Add the cheese, grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions and bacon. Then put the 2nd piece of dough over the top (make sure you have already rolled it out so that it fits.. it will be hard to make it fit once it has been placed on) and make a couple of slits in the top dough layer. Then roll the bottom dough edges over to secure everything inside.

Then on top use the last of the sauce, add a little more cheese, mushrooms and onions.

In the US you should cook on 375f for 25-30 minutes and in the UK it is 200c for the same amount of time. Let the pizza stand for around 5 minutes after you take it out before cutting.

Trust me on this... it is a great pizza and it tastes exactly like the one we used to buy in the States. Yay!

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