181/365 : New Shoes

After work tonight Andy and I went to Sports Direct and we each got some new walking shoes. These of course are mine... I don't think Andy would like the pink Nike swooch.

On another note it has been confirmed that I am now on the car insurance! This means that I will start my driving on the right side of the road.. and over here that means on the left. Also it means that I will be once again learning how to drive a manual (stick shift) because I have not driven one in around 10 years.

This should be fun... I hope Andy doesn't get frustrated in teaching me.

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Meg said...

I highly suggest doing your first few "road tests" between 10pm and 2am...when there is less traffic on the road. I think doing it that way helped boost my own confidence a bit with traffic islands.

Let me know how it goes! xx

John said...

I have tried to teach a member of my family to drive and I wish I had not been so critical of them so here is my advice to Andy: Just let Christine get behind the wheel and don't say anything. Let her just drive and get use to driving again.
Wait for a long time before giving any suggestions.
Remember she is not taking the drivers test for a long time.
She will appreciate your patience.