192/365 : Left, Left, Left, Remember Left...

A bit of a cheat today (Andy took the picture) but I could hardly take it myself... I was too busy DRIVING!

Check me out! Sitting on the right side of the car and driving on the left. Woo Hoo!

We started out the day by going to see two movies. First The Damned United and then the new Fast and Furious movie. Today is a Bank Holiday and lets just say that I think every single person in the Bolton area decided to go to the cinema.

After the second movie Andy drove us to a nearby Industrial Park because we knew everybody would be gone and it would give me a lot of side roads and parking lots to practice in.

We did the switch and I do have to say it felt really weird being on that side of the car. Since I have been a passenger for six months it felt a bit weird being behind the wheel. Also, it has been something like 10 years since I have driven a stick. Andy reminded me what to do... and... off we went.

I didn't stall once! Look at me go...

After about 10 minutes of driving back and forth, parking and reversing I asked if he thought I was ready to go on a main road and he said if I felt comfortable to go for it.

So off we went.

I was driving along and then remembered we were coming up to a pretty major roundabout and it was too late to turn around. I ended up making it thru unscathed but I am not going to lie... I thought it would be a while until I had to go thru one of those but I guess it is like a band-aid (plaster), just rip it off.

The only sad moment came when I was driving around 35 in a 40 and a car passed me... then a second one. It was in that second car that we noticed that when it passed, there was a little kid in the back seat holding up his hand to his forehead making the 'L' for loser sign.

I wasn't going that slow!

Since I already have my US License and can use it here for 12 months without getting a UK one I don't even have to drive with an L plate so I know the L had to be for loser and not learner.

Oh well... loser or not this was a big success for me today! YAY!

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