191/365 : Last Day On The Bus?

I love this woman.

I do not know her name and have never said more than hello to her but she has brought much fun to my bus rides to work when I work my week of lates.

We get on at the same stop in Westhoughton and she gets off about two-thirds into my trip.

From what I can tell she does not speak a lot of English and appears to work at an Italian restaurant in Horwich because when she gets off the bus she always walks toward it.

When the Data Controller was on the bus a few weeks ago he tried to ask her where she was going and for what reason and she could not really answer back.

She makes me laugh because in the 20 minutes we are on the bus together she probably moves seats around 5 times. She loves being toward the front and slowly makes her way up when people leave the bus.

I have also noticed that when she leaves the bus she takes around 20 of the free newspapers that they have up front.

I didn't want to freak her out by taking out my camera so I took this with my mobile phone. But I really wanted to get a picture of her because I think this will be my last bus ride into work. I am going to start practising my UK driving skills tomorrow and for the next time I am on a late I think I am going to start taking Andy into work in the morning and then driving myself in later.

Wish me luck with the driving!

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