196/365 : The Wonderful Wales

What a beautiful and wonderful place! This was my first trip to Wales but I can guarantee it will not be my last.

We left our house at around 7:30am and got home at 7:00pm. It was a whirlwind tour of North Wales but we managed to make it to a beautiful church, three castles, have a wonderful lunch and even took a cruise out to Puffin Island.

As we crossed over into Wales there was a hint of rain as the dark clouds were overhead but it never really started. It cleared up quite a bit at times and the sun made a number of appearances... so much that Andy and I both got a little too much sun and had a bit of red showing up on our nose and cheeks.

It only started to lightly rain as we were getting ready to leave the third castle to head home. Andy wanted to walk up one of the high towers so I stayed at the bottom to get a picture of him. It started to sprinkle but not too heavy. Then after about 10 minutes of being on the road it had already stopped.

I have already been doing some research online and am planning our next trip. Since it is only about an hour drive into Wales I can see many more trips being planned to see more and more of this lovely place!

I took a LOT of photos and of course can not post all of them here. If you would like to have a look thru them, here are the links:

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Meg said...

LOVE Wales!!

Fancy a camping trip this summer with us Bennetts? xx

Helen said...

Wales is the best! But I have to admit that I'm more partial to southwest Wales. ;)