195/365 : Should He... Or Shouldn't He?

This is Everton's 3rd kit. This is the kit that they wear when the other team's colors are similar to their own. This picture does not do it justice. It is fluorescent yellow, I truly believe it may even glow in the dark. However it is necesary for the team to wear it from time to time, like away to Wigan and Blackburn.

Andy has come to believe that this shirt is lucky. He has worn it 22 times and it has the following stats:

13 Wins ... 7 Draws ... 2 Losses and Everton has kept 13 Clean Sheets out of those 22 games!

Here is the breakdown:

Nov '08

Wigan 1 Everton 0
Lost Not Worn
Tottenham 0 Everton 1
Won Worn

Dec '08

Everton 2 Aston Villa 3
Lost Not Worn
Man City 0 Everton 1
Won Worn
Everton 0 Chelsea 0
Draw Worn
0 Everton 1
Won Worn
Everton 3 Sunderland 0
Won Worn

Jan '09

Macclesfield 0 Everton 1 FA Cup Won Worn
Everton 2 Hull 0
Won Worn
Liverpool 1 Everton 1
Draw Worn
Liverpool 1 Everton 1 FA Cup Draw Worn
Everton 1 Arsenal 1
Draw Worn
Man Utd 1 Everton 0
Lost Worn/

Feb '09

Everton 1 Liverpool 0 FA Cup Replay Won Worn
Everton 3 Bolton 0
Won Worn
Everton 3 Aston Villa 1 FA Cup Won Worn
Newcastle 0 Everton 0
Draw Worn
Everton 2 West Brom 0
Won Worn

Mar '09

Blackburn 0 Everton 0
Draw Worn
Everton 2 Middlesbrough
1 FA Cup Won Worn
Everton 3 Stoke 1
Won Worn
Portsmouth 2 Everton 1
Lost Worn/

Apr '09

Everton 4 Wigan 0
Won Worn
Aston Villa 3 Everton 3
Draw Worn
Man Utd ? Everton ?

The next match we are going to is Sunday April 19th which is the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley (London).

Andy is very serious about his shirt... but here is where the confliction comes in. Yes it has some great stats but it's first loss came from Manchester United and that is who we are playing in the Semi Final.

Does the great stats out weigh that it doesn't appear to have any control over playing Man United? Or was this just a fluke?

What do you guys think... should he wear it, or shouldn't he?

(Note: Yes you are reading it correctly, the shirt has only been washed twice. After each of the losses but I promise you it does not smell!)

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