199/365 : London Day One

We got into London at around 2:30pm. We made our way to our hotel, the Riverbank Park Plaza. It was a fancy hotel but we got it really cheap on lastminute.com. We were on the south bank of the Thames and almost directly across from the Houses of Parliament. But of course... our lastminute.com room did not come with that view!

We got changed and headed out to eat and to see Phantom of the Opera. I have seen Phantom many times before but this was Andy's first time. He ended up giving it a 7 out of 10, which is not bad since he absolutely hates musicals!

We ate at The Texas Embassy and I have to say it was the first time I have been around so many Americans in over six months. It actually felt a little weird to hear more American accents then English ones. After listening to a couple of them I thought to myself "Do I sound like that?" It was bizarre.

There was a couple that sat next to us and I swear they did not say one word to each other the entire time they were there. They each ordered a beer and Andy and I had to control laughter because every time we would look over at them they had the beer bottle up to their face reading the small print of the label!

Then when we walked a couple blocks over to Her Majesty's Theatre they were waiting outside to go into Phantom also. Andy pointed it out and I quickly took a picture. You can see it in the collection from the day (link below).

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