200/365 : London Day Two

This was taken while on top of The London Eye. That is Nelson's Column right in the middle and that is Trafalgar Square.

Today was a full day of sightseeing. We had a Thames River cruise, The London Eye, walking all over the place and we did a London Bridge Experience. Well I did 1/2 of it anyway...

You go down under the Bridge and they have live actors taking thru the history of The London Bridge and then you are supposed to go into this scary people jumping out at you part and I changed my mind a the last minute. I think it was just a minute after they said you had to wear a hard hat... I put mine on and then told Andy he can go ahead and I told the girl she needed to take me back up to the waiting area. She said it was a good job I changed my mind cause she said it is really scary and if I had any doubts it was best that I didn't do it. Andy said it was pretty bad and that the other two girls on the tour was freaking out. I am SO glad I did not go, I would have died.

The only bad part of the day was that we decided to go into The Tower of London. When we were coming up from the tube station I saw a spot to take a good picture and there was a dip down and I fell. *ugh* I twisteed my ankle just a little and there is a pretty nasty bruise on my left leg but the worst part... is that I had my camera out... around my wrist... It now has a nice little reminder scratch/dent on it. *double ugh* It still works perfectly fine and the scratch/dent is not very big but I am the kind of person that obsesses over things likes this. Evertime I take the camera out I will first see this flaw. Oh well, I guess it will just remind me of our trip to London, maybe one day I will laugh about it.

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