204/365 : Check Out The Sky... Oh And My Weeds!

When we got home today it was really sunny but then when we looked back down the street and it was dark and moody the other way. However that is exactly how I like it... in fact I love this photo the sky looks awesome!

Does anybody think it is time for me to pull up some of the weeds that are growing in the front garden? If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can also see that there are weeds growing thru some of the bricks along the side wall. Too funny. Maybe I will get adventurous and pull up all of the weeds and plant some pretty flowers in the corner space. Or I could just say the weeds are intentional... at least they bring some green into the space.

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John said...

You don't know what weeds are until you see my garden.lol
How much do they want for the neighbors house thats for sale?