203/365 : Even More... Everton Stuff

Who did not want to have to go to work today? (crazily waves arm in the air)

Tonight I was going thru one of our spare clothes drawers and found all of this Everton stuff of Andy's. He has had this stuff from when he was a little kid. Three kits, two scarves, the official 1985 Everton Team Record, an autograph book (which includes an autograph from Neville Southall) and a CD he bought in 1995 of 'All Together Now' which was the FA Cup Final record. Quite fitting I would say since 14 years later Everton are off to the FA Cup Final again. Andy was at that final in 1995 and hopefully he (or should I say we) will be at the one on May 30th also!

Other then going back to work nothing much else happened today.

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