207/365 : What A Day!

What can I say about today? It has been pretty crappy. This picture was taken on our drive back home from Liverpool. I was half hanging out of the car as the cloud was behind us so I am sorry that it is a little off balance. Again the sun was out and there were huge white puffy clouds all day and then we see this large black cloud with rain in the middle of all of it. But that about sums up my day.

We were at the Everton v. Man City match today and lets just say it did not go very well. I truly believe that fatigue got the best of team today. In the last 7 days this was the third match that was played! First the FA Cup Semi Final that went to 120 minutes then to penalties on Sunday the 19th. Then on Wednesday the 22nd we were away to Chelsea and that ended in a 0-0 draw. Then today... you could just tell that they were knackered and who could blame them? We ended up losing 1-2 but the result is not the worst thing that happened today.

With about 30 minutes left to play in the match Moyes made all three of our substitutions at one go. Then not too shortly there after he went down. Phil Jagielka who has been a rock for Everton this season in defence fell to the ground grabbing at his knee.

It is a horrible feeling when somebody goes down like that as you can tell when there is a little 'diving' involved and when they are really hurt and he was hurt. They ended up having to stretcher him off and it was sad to watch.

Turns out the scans have already been completed and it has been confirmed that he has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and will be out until at least December. After the swelling goes down in about a week he will have surgery.

I know Everton can bounce back as this is the third or fourth huge injury for us this season and they always seem to pull together! I just wish Jagielka a speedy recovery and hopefully the team can come together to win the FA Cup for him and the other injured players that will not have the chance to play in the Final.

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