212/365 : Drive Thru Petrol

Andy used to have a good laugh at all of the things that you can 'drive thru' in the US. Banks, Post Offices, Pharmacy's and there are even some drive thru liquor stores.

However... I have never been to a drive thru gas (petrol) station. You just get your petrol and then drive up to the little guy and pay. This is the station at Asda and we have been here a couple of times. Each time this same man is working, coincidence?

Oh and for those of you in the US you will notice that Unleaded is only 94.9 pence. But, if you look a little closer that is 94.9 a litre... and there are just under 4 litres in a gallon. That is about £3.80 a gallon which converts to $5.66 a gallon.

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