213/365 : Green Day

After I dropped Andy off at work I checked my email and had one from Andy saying that a friend of his at work had told him that Green Day were going to be in Manchester in October and that tickets went on sale at 10:00am.

I got ready.

It was not quite as dramatic as when I got our tickets to go see Oasis but it was pretty close. They are going to be in Manchester over two nights, October 30th and October 31st. So I had two screens up for ticketmaster.co.uk and two screens up for ticketline.co.uk, one for each day. I ended up getting two pretty good seats for the Friday October 30th show and I can't wait!

Andy and I saw Green Day a couple years ago. We were living in Fort Worth TX but drove 10.5 hours to Nashville TN to see them. It was well worth the drive and this will also be a fantastic show!

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