219/365 : Long Days

Does anybody remember my post on Day 75 (December 14th)? Back then the sun was rising at 8:20am and setting at around 3:30pm so we were getting like 7 hours of daylight.

Well the above picture was taken this morning at 5:00am! Look the street lights are already off. I noticed how bright it was outside when I woke up yesterday morning at 5:30am and thought our alarms had not gone off. It was so bright I had the hardest time going back to sleep. Since the alarm does not go off until 7:30 I was not a happy camper to be awake. I am going to look into those black out panels that you can add to curtains so that it is not so bright in the mornings.

In keeping with the Day 75 post I also took a photo as the sun was setting. This picture was taken at around 9:15pm. So today we had 16 hours of daylight. What a difference 144 day can make.

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