221/365 : 1000 Blue Balloons

Andy and I were at the Everton v. Tottenham match today. Before the match started they released 1000 balloons in honor of an Everton charity. I was amazed that all of the balloons made it out of Goodison, it was very windy and I figured a few of them would be blown into the stands.

Today was the first match I have been to when it was raining. It wasn't bad at the start but by half time it was coming down pretty good. The seats are covered but because of the wind we got a little wet but not too bad. Then by the middle of the second half the rain was gone and the sun was out. Which is good because I did not feel like walking a mile to the car in the pouring rain.

We ended up drawing 0-0. Of course not as good as a win but at least we got a point and there were no new injuries which is a BIG plus since we have an FA Cup Final match to go to in 21 days!

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