235/365 : Here Comes...

the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right

Not a rain cloud in sight... all day! According to the weather reports today was the hotest day of the year so far, and it was sunny, pleasant and beautiful.

I snapped this picture on our way back from the cinema. I love sheep, they are so cute and also seem to be all over the place here. I am always oooohhhhing and aaaaahhhhhing when I pass by a field of sheep. No I am not weird.

We went to go see two movies today, Night at the Museum 2 and Awaydays. Night at the Museum 2 did just as I expected... made me laugh and was pretty entertaining. Awaydays is a smaller film about Football Hooligans and it was one of the most boring movies I have been to in a long, long, long time. Andy made the comment at the end that it was 2 hours of his life he was never going to get back, and that is never a good sign! At least we have the Cineworld Unlimited Pass so when we go see a movie we do not like we just chalk it up to not having to have paid for the movie and that makes it better!

High: 65°
Low: 52°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 4:57 AM
Sunset: 9:17 PM

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ceelynn said...

I think anyone who doesnt ohh and ahh over sheep has a problem! I do the same thing and almost got a good case of whiplash when I saw some last week - just driving down a regular road and sheep on the right!! Yes, I am very easily amused. :) I love the weather updates, by the way!