236/365 : What A Great Day!

Wow. Today was a great day!

This was the last day of the regular season and Everton were away to Fulham (down in London) and Andy and I were not able to make the trip. We thought about it but with us heading down to London for the FA Cup Final next weekend we decided to stay at home.

Well... Everton were not on TV so we decided to watch Aston Villa v. Newcastle because we were both hoping for a Villa win so that Newcastle would be relegated down to the Championship and out of the Premiership. I was able to find an online link to the Everton match (it was from some station in Albania or somewhere..). So as you can see we were watching both matches.

How did the results go? Well Newcastle did lose so they are going down, going down, going down! Everton won! Woo Hoo! In fact Everton won 0-2 and it was the first time they have won away to Fulham at Craven Cottage since 1966. What else did Everton do in 1966? They won the FA Cup... this is defiantly a sign for our Wembley outing next Saturday. Don't you think?

Is this not enough of great things in one day? Well... Andy and I always place a couple bets each week. In fact we normally spend something like £2 each. Well out of our £4 worth of bets today... we won... £34! Double Woo Hoo!

What a great day!

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