239/365 : Missing...

Missing: White eggs.

Last seen: United States of America on September 30th, 2008.

I have almost gotten past the fact that here in England the eggs are not refrigerated in the supermarket but what is up with the brown eggs? Are there no white chickens in the whole of England? See... in the US there are also some brown eggs that you can buy but honestly they tend to market them as 'healthier' and in turn are usually more expensive.

I tried to do some research online to determine the difference between white and brown eggs. According to Mr. Breakfast the color of the egg is determined on the color of the earlobe (yes really) of the chicken that is laying that egg. No nutritional difference at all. Although it does say that the brown egg laying chickens eat more than the white egg laying chickens which is why the cost is usually higher. Maybe we need to get some anorexic chickens in the UK, might save us some money.

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Julia W said...

The great thing I found accidently this easter about browm eggs is that they dye to a beautiful color. My kids dyed all the white eggs I'd bought for them but still wanted to do more so I gave them a couple(only, because they are more expensive) of brown eggs. They turned out beautful.

Helen said...

Brown eggs come from Rhode Island Reds, which are the most common laying hens in the UK - hence the proliferation of brown eggs. I lived in Rhode Island in the US, so I can't even tell you the last time I saw a white egg! There was even a TV commercial there with a jingle: "Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh!"