240/365 : The Road Less Taken

There is work being done on the road outside of where Andy and I work so we went a different way home today. It was a bit out of the way but we ended up going down this wonderful road.

Completely covered in a canopy of trees... it was beautiful!

I think the work is going to be going for a few weeks so maybe we will take this out of the way road again. There was also a large lake that we passed that we had no idea was that close to us. Might have to visit it again also.

I now officially have four days off from work! Yay! We went to B & Q (similar to Home Depot) tonight after work. I wanted to buy some gardening tools so that I could take care of the weeded mess that has become my front garden. The weeds that were seen back on Day 204 are nothing compared to what is out there now.

I also wanted to get a hanging Ivy. I had one at my desk at work back in the States but since you can not bring live plants into the UK I had to leave it behind with my mom. It had huge arms and I had it circling my cubical walls at work. She now has it in her dinning room and it surrounds the top of the room. There are around 3 or 4 long arms that are at least 25-30 feet long each. So... I wanted to get a new one and hopefully this one loves me as much as my first one did.

Andy also ended up buying some pepper plants that he plans on planting in a large pot to keep in the back garden. It was pretty funny when we were checking out. One of the tools I had picked up was not scanning so the man had to manually enter the number. Well I guess he did it wrong and our total went from £32.08 to £43,210.08! Needless to say he got it corrected before I could grab my camera but we all had a pretty good laugh about it. I liked the things we got but not that much!

High: 55°
Low: 41°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 4:51 AM
Sunset: 9:24 PM

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