258/365 : Public Footpath

I made Andy pull over on our way home from work so that I could snap this photo. If you look closely off in the distance there are sheep all in the field (we all know how much I love the little sheep) and I wanted a picture of the public footpath signs. I had no idea what these signs meant when I first got here but now find the whole concept amazing.

Basically, where you see this sign (or any sign stating 'public footpath') you are allowed to walk thru. Regardless of what is there and who owns the land you are allowed to walk thru. How awesome is that?

As you can see in this picture it goes right thru somebody's farm... but it does not matter because it is a posted public footpath and the land owners can do nothing about it but let you walk thru.

Again... awesome!

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snowelf said...

This is very cool. Plus--the sheep. Sheep are so cute!! I don't think I'd be able to resist petting one. :D

(I'd hate to cut across a field with an angry bull though! ;))