259/365 : New Home... New Traditions

I was wondering what I was going to get up to on July 4th since there will be no fireworks to attend... looks like it will be the Blackrod Scarecrow Festival.

Andy pointed this sign out to me on our way into work this morning. I have done a little research online and have found out that there are many different scarecrows on show down the main road in Blackrod. Will have to give this a go to see all of the creativity.

Since they set fireworks off here on November 5th I will have to remember this year to buy some to put away for July 4th. I do still plan on BBQ'ing out though, can't go without that!

High: 67°
Low: 53°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 4:40 AM
Sunset: 9:42 PM

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