261/365 : Thunder Rolls...

So today it was pretty sunny all day from what I could tell while I was at work. While we were driving home it started to sprinkle a little but nothing major.

But then while we were catching up on last nights Big Brother episode it just started pouring down outside. Then it happened... it thundered! To be honest Thunder is something that I am very used to.

Growing up and living in Illinois there were plenty of thunder storms that went thru in the spring and fall. Then living in Texas for three years there were plenty there also. But to be honest I think this may have been the first thunder I have heard since we moved here. It wasn't a threatening sound kinda like a little whimper of a thunder but it was still an old familiar sound.

Then as soon as it came up it was over and the sun came out. I took this photo just after the sun emerged and you can see the storm cloud passing over.

High: 57°
Low: 45°
Forecast: Cooler with Occasional Rain
Sunrise: 4:40 AM
Sunset: 9:43 PM

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snowelf said...

We are having the same weather here in Wisconsin... rain rain rain and storms. The annoying thing was that they kept interrupting my tv watching last night to tell us there "might" be a storm and that conditions were favorable. Don't they know I know it's raining and I have important reruns to watch! ;)


Iota said...

I am a Brit, now in the Midwest.

I LOVE thunderstorms! You're right about English ones - very feeble in comparison. When we move back (whenever that is), I will truly miss the drama of a good thunderstorm.