262/365 : What Is Missing?

I was so looking forward to my photo for today... but instead you get a glimpse of my laptop and a lonely USB cable with nothing attached to it. *ugh*

I swapped my day in lieu this week so that I could have today off so that I could be at an O2 store at 9am for when the new iPhone 3G S went on sale.

I went in and finally got an agent at around 9:20, all of the computers were being used by people that were ahead of me. She took my details, etc.. Then it came to do the credit check and this is what I was worried about. I have a bank account, I am employed and can prove my address... but all of this means nothing when it comes to a credit check because I have no credit history here in the UK.

Of course.. it comes back as 'deferred' which means that they must call the credit department to give the details of the person applying for the contract. The agent that was assisting me goes to the back for like 30 minutes and then comes back to say that they are telling her it is taking about 2 hours to get thru the deferred applications so she will call me.

Just great.

Finally like 3 hours later I get a call from her saying that the credit department can approve my application *if* I can bring them my Passport (no problem) and a 2nd debit card.!?.!? I asked what she meant and she said another debit card that I have with a different bank. Well I don't have TWO bank accounts! I mean who does? I asked her if O2 was saying I had to open a new bank account in order to get a contract phone and she gave me a number to call which was just the general O2 number. She then said that she can not hold the phone I wanted and that she doubts that I can get anywhere by calling either but it may be worth a try.

So... I call that number and the man tells me I have to deal with the store directly. I explained that it was the store that told me to call this number and he repeats that he can do nothing for me, so I asked for a Manager/Supervisor. He put me on hold and came back saying that 'she' said to explain that we can not help. I then told him that just maybe 'she' can take 2 minutes out of her busy schedule to tell me that herself... then a rude woman came on, did not even introduce herself so I had to ask her name and title. I told her I wanted the number to the Credit Department that is in control of approving applications. She told me she couldn't give it to me. After arguing a little bit more she gave me the number.

I called the number, sat on hold for a good 30 minutes... then... a familiar accent came on the line. The operator was American, I went into my tale of woe and she told me to go to O2's website and apply directly. Then when it comes back as deferred to call her back (she gave me her direct line) with the order number and she will get it sorted. She also thought it was crazy that the O2 store lady was saying that I had to have a 2nd debit card!

Online application was deferred... called her back... she took my passport number, debit card number and got it approved. She then called the store directly to see if they had any more white 32gb versions left and of course they didn't so she processed the order to have one shipped out to me today so that I can get it on Monday. I also heard her explain to the same lady at my local store that she should not be telling people that they have to provide a 2nd debit card that she has never heard of such and if she has told anybody else that today she needs to ring them back.

I thanked her A LOT and told her that since she works for O2 I hope she didn't have such a hard time getting a contract phone. She said she only started a few months ago and it was the first time she could get a contract phone as she was declined by Orange when she first came over.

After I got off the phone with her I called the O2 store again just to rub it in a little that I got it sorted myself. I told her that it was sorted and that the credit department wanted me to pass on that she was in fact submitting the application incorrectly and that they never asked for a 2nd debit card. She thanked me for calling and said she had not heard from the credit department. Liar. The agent had not put me on hold and I heard the entire conversation.

Anyway... glad it is all sorted but I absolutely hate waiting and now I have to wait another 3 days... and it will need to be signed for and we work all next week so I will probably miss the delivery guy also.

One day I will have a picture that will show a shiny new iPhone 3G S attached to this USB cable... until then I will do my best to put on a happy face and wait.

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Tyke said...

Well told!

Actually (blush) I have three current accounts (different banks)!

As a potential long term visitor (resident?) to the US I was urged to change to a UK bank where they provided a credit card that was part of American Express - 'longterm it will help! - we shall see.

Meg said...

I don't think you would have been given as much of a runaround if you would have tried TMobile. I brought my passport, he took my details and I was approved in 10 minutes. I only ended up doing the process at home online because they weren't going to offer me as many minutes with unlimited texting...and they did online. No extra approval though or anything and anyone I have dealt with have been nothing less than professional up to this point.

Hope you like your phone when you get it. :-P