267/365 : Knackered!

I can not believe today is only Wednesday! It feels like it should be much later in the week by now. I am on 8-4 this week and I always feel so tired during this shift. You wouldn't think that it only being one hour earlier would be that big of a deal but I am officially knackered!

Thankfully tomorrow will be our last day at work for the week because we both have Friday off. Hopefully tomorrow is a fast day!

As you can see I am not up to much at home so all of my pictures are while Andy is driving us home from work. Hopefully we will find something exciting to do at least one day this weekend so that I can stop boring everybody with these ho hum days.

High: 69°
Low: 49°
Forecast: Mostly Sunny
Sunrise: 4:41 AM
Sunset: 9:44 PM

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