268/365 : Darkness

These are the lights that are in our bathroom, in total there are five of them. We have now been in this house for seven months and four of them have burnt out. Only one remains.

We have spare light bulbs that fit but unfortunately we have no idea how to replace them. I have tried my best and can not figure it out. You would think that you just unscrew the little silver bit and be done with it but oh no. I have unscrewed that, pulled the canister out of the ceiling, etc.. and can not figure it out. So I am done. Not sure what we are going to do when the last one goes. Maybe we will have to resort to the olden days of candles. Would help if there was a window in there but there isn't. Oh well. I guess I will have to try to research it online to see if I can find some kind of instructional booklet on how to replace the stupid thing.

Now... I have an urgent question for anybody who is living in or has lived in England. Can you buy graham crackers over here? I have looked at a few shops and can not find them anywhere! I have a dessert that uses them and am dying to make it for next weekend (July 4th) but am running out of luck finding them. Any thoughts? If they don't sale them over here how in the world do they make cheesecake crust?

High: 70°
Low: 54°
Forecast: Mostly Sunny
Sunrise: 4:41 AM
Sunset: 9:44 PM

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Britishblues said...

Here is a link to the recipe on how to make them http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/miscellaneous/fetch-recipe.php?rid=misc-graham-crackers

I think over her they just use crushed up digestive biscuits.

As for the light bulbs. Do they have a wire frame around the edge, this is what normally holds everything together, if you can unclip that then the bulb should easily come out

Kim said...

I agree, just use digestives instead.

I totally hear you on the lightbulb thing. We've been in this flat since January and we've had 6 lightbulbs blow. The most annoying is the one in the bathroom because we can't figure out how to change it. We've been using the little light over the sink. If that one blows I have no idea what we're going to do in there!

The New Mrs. C said...

Ian was able to order graham crackers on eBay, actually. We got them for my MIL's birthday party next weekend (4th of July BBQ themed). We wanted them so we can teach the nephew's how to make s'mores. :)

John said...

You have to push in on the light bulb and when you have it pushed in you turn the bulb 90 degrees and you should be able to remove it.
Do the reverse to put the new one in.