273/365 : Heat Wave

So last night I hardly slept... I do not do very well in the heat and it was very warm in our bedroom. We had the hall and bedroom windows open but it was toasty. Andy seemed to sleep fine but for me it was difficult.

So today after I drove him to work (I am on the late shift this week) I went to Homebase and bought a fan. I have a feeling I will be much more comfortable tonight!

We got our groceries for this weekend. I know Fourth of July is not celebrated over here but I still plan on having a nice BBQ. Hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans are all going to be made, and of course a homemade cheesecake.

High: 76°
Low: 65°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers and Thunderstorms
Sunrise: 4:45 AM
Sunset: 9:43 PM

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