272/365 : Cat Vs. Mouse

No... not a real mouse. But you would think the way that Gallagher was staring the mouse down that it was real. Every time I put the laptop down it takes him about one minute to climb on top of it to go to sleep. I can't believe how warm it is and he still wants to sleep on top of the warmth!

Speaking of warm... it is so hot outside today! Of course this time last year when I was in Fort Worth and suffering thru 105° heat and humidity I would have killed to have it only be 77° out. But it has been high 60's at the most so far but this week is supposed to be a scorcher. Hopefully it will just go by quickly and the cooler weather comes back soon. I will just keep remembering that it could be worse... and I'll keep an eye on the weather in Fort Worth to keep me motivated.

High: 77°
Low: 64°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 4:44 AM
Sunset: 9:43 PM

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Britishblues said...

Love the photo

Helen said...

That is such a great shot!!