282/365 : No More Darkness

Look what we have in the bathroom now... light!

You may remember the post from Day 268 explaining that we were down to one working light in the bathroom. I would like to say that Andy and I worked together to figure it out but sadly we could not do it on our own.

The landlord was over fixing something else and while he was here I made Andy ask him how to do it. He had a go at changing them but could not figure it out either so he had to call his electrician that put them in and he let us in on the little secret.

You twist it. *ugh*

I had that canister pulled out of the ceiling, I was unscrewing all kinds of tiny little screws, etc... and you twist it. I know I tried that to do that at first myself and it did not work.

Oh well, Andy has now replaced two of the four that were burnt out and it is much brighter in there which is a great thing!

High: 58°
Low: 49°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 4:53 AM
Sunset: 9:37 PM

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