290/365 : My Promise

I promise you that there will never be a day that I complain about it raining. Even though that everybody at work says that I will eventually get tired of it... I swear I will not.

I love the rain. I love the dark cloudy skies. Love, love, love it!

High: 58°
Low: 52°
Forecast: Rain
Sunrise: 5:03 AM
Sunset: 9:29 PM

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ceelynn said...

Amen! Me too. If I wake up and its cloudy outside, it makes me want to hop out of bed, put on a sweatshirt and go for a walk. Of course, I was born in Colorado, which apparently has the most days of sunshine out of any state in the country - even more than Hawaii or Florida. Boo! Bring on the rain!

And thank you for your reminders of the things to do as soon as I move. I'm starting to go into panic mode a bit and can use all the coaching I can get. :)

Anonymous said...

please give me some of your weather love Christine! I could use some of it... hehe ;)
--Peaceful Yorkshire