291/365 : Dignity

I would like to say that Rooney is trying to keep his dignity here by covering up his private bits but to be honest he is not that bothered usually.

We find him sitting like this all of the time... it is rather funny looking!

Andy and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie today and both enjoyed it. I know that for the length of the film they have to cut out a lot information that can be found in the book version but honestly in my opinion they cut out a pretty important part of this movie. For those that have not see it... stop reading now. For those that have.. keep reading.

The whole point of Draco using the sister vanishing cabinets to connect Hogwarts and Borgin and Burkes is so that the other Death Eaters could enter the castle and in doing this a huge fight breaks out between them and the Aurors and students. However in the move the Death Eaters enter and they don't do anything! After Draco fails to kill Dumbledor and Snape steps in to do the deed they all just leave!

So in the movie version... what is the point of bringing the Death Eaters into Hogwarts? They enter, they find Draco and Dumbledor up in the astronomy tower and leave.

To be honest it is ridiculous! Add another 15 minutes to the movie and keep the battle in, it plays a huge part in the story. Why would Draco have to keep practising with the cabinets by getting it just right so that they could be used? If no fight was going to break out just skip that whole bit cause there is no need for Bellatrix and the other Death Eaters to enter.

Also in the book Dumbledor puts a spell on Harry to make him immobilised so that Harry could not stop what was about to happen. Dumbledor knew that Snape would step in and kill him, he knew it was going to happen. In the movie Dumbledor just tells Harry to stay down and not step in. If it was not for the spell I do believe Harry would have stepped in so by not doing it in the movie it goes against everything I think Harry is and stands for. If he could move he would have went up and tried to take them all on, the spell would have been required.

Anyway... these are just my thoughts fresh after watching the movie. Andy and I ended up selling almost all of our books when we moved over just because there were so many of them and they took up so much weight and space in the tiny shipment we were allowed. I am now in the process of buying a new Harry Potter box set so that I can reread all of them again.

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Helen said...

I wish my boy cat were that modest!