297/365 : Brunette

This picture does not really reflect the true color but it is the best I could get. The flash from the camera brings out a redder tone than is actually picked up by just looking at it.

This is the truly the darkest I have ever had my hair... I do like it, however I think I would like it to be just one shade lighter. I am sure it will start to fade some and when it comes time to color it again I will look for a shade lighter. Although this was supposed to be light brown already!

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Low: 52°
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Sunrise: 5:13 AM
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The New Mrs. C said...

We basically have the same hair color now.

It'll grow on ya though (the color, not just your hair :) ).

I think it's a really nice shade.

Rob and Aimee said...

Umm...why are you showing us the back of your head?! I wanna see your face and how the color nicely compliments your features!! :)

I do love the color though.