298/365 : It Was One Year Ago Today...

That my Spousal Visa paperwork was couriered into the British Consulate General in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of Friday, July 25th 2008. Then seven long hours later I was told that it had been approved and that this thing of beauty had been printed and put into my Passport.

I can not believe it has been a year since that day. For those of you reading that have gone thru any type of Immigration process you will know the stress that I was feeling a year ago today. Not to mention all the stress up to that day! But to know that they had the paperwork and that a decision would be made shortly. I was a nervous wreck!

But as you can see it all worked out in the end... and now a year later I am happily living in England. Thank goodness I will not have to go thru that stress again!

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The New Mrs. C said...

Happy 1yr. Anniversary. :)

Don't you just LOVE passport/visa photos? lol