300/365 : Meet Corrie!

This is Corrie the neighboorhood cat. I am sure this is not his name but that is what I call him. He does have a collar, it says he belongs to the house next to us and I have seen them open the door to let him in before.

Not sure if you can tell in this picture but it is raining. I always feel so sorry for the little guy when I see him out in the cold rain but he seems to enjoy it. I am still not used to 'housecats' being allowed to go out all of the time. In the states when you see a cat outside it is usually a stray and doesn't have a home as they do not wonder around like here. My cats were brought inside as soon as their eyes and ears opened and if not in a carrier box have never been outside. I could never dream of allowing them to go wonder around outside, I would be way too scared!

By the way... if you are wondering why I call him Corrie... it is because he reminds me of the black cat in the opening sequence of Coronation Street (a UK soap). Watch the below clip, you will see the cat at around 12 seconds in, you can even hear him meow.

High: 60°
Low: 48°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 5:18 AM
Sunset: 9:15 PM

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