302/365 : Let The Cramming Begin

I am NOT looking forward to this at all.

In fact the more I read and think about it I want to just toss these new books in the trash and learn to embrace walking.

I am scared to death to be honest. The UK theory and practical driving tests are not like the easy peasy US tests. I still remember how much Andy laughed after having to drive for about 10-15 minutes to get his US License. As long as you don't kill anybody in that 10-15 minutes you pass.

I have a feeling I will need to book some driving tests with a local instructor. Of course I know how to drive but I think I need somebody who knows what they will have me do so that I am fully prepared. It has been so long since Andy took his so he can not be of much help.

I really wish they would just exchange my license I mean why let me drive here for 12 months without having to do a darn thing but get added to insurance. If an accident was going to happen it would have been in the first 12 months, what is the point of having to go through this crap now? *ugh*

Oh and how silly is that if you take your test on an automatic that your license is only good for driving automatics! But if you take your test on a manual then your license is good on either. Just silly!

Also... just to complain a bit more... Because I do not have a UK Passport I have to post them my US Passport (which of course holds my Visa and is my only proof of being allowed to live/work in this country) along with a current passport sized photo. The really stupid part is that I have to have this said photo SIGNED by a professional that has known me for at least two years. Umm hello... I haven't been here for two years. So in lieu of getting it signed it says I will need to go to my local DVLA office which is in Manchester (not exactly local) and they are only open on Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. No Saturday hours!

There is a premium document checking service you can get done at certain post offices and there is one that is about 3 miles away from work that stays open until 5:30pm. I am going to try to go over there tomorrow right after work. I think a person can only use this service if they have a UK Passport but I am still going to give it a try. If I am allowed to use it then they will sign my photo after reviewing my other documents such as birth certificate, marriage license, etc...

Give me strength!

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snowelf said...

This is the same thing my friend who moved over there had to do too--the same stresses! I remember her being upset about the no saturday hours too.

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly!!