303/365 : No More Stick!

How cute is this?

As most of you that have been reading my blog knows since we moved here we have been driving Andy's dad's car. Well for the last couple of weeks he has been mentioning that he wanted to look for another car for us.

Well this is it! It is pretty much the exact same model that we were driving before but about 4 years newer. It has an awesome radio that has an aux input which I can plug our iPod right into so that we can listen thru the car speakers!

And yes that is a removable faceplate so that when we go into Liverpool for the Everton matches we do not have to worry about our car being broken into so that they can steal it! I mean the other car didn't have a fancy radio and it was still broken into but at least by removing the plate it takes away some of the temptation!

It also has a cute little sunroof so that on those rare sunny days we can drive with it open.

And... it even has a cute little butt!

Now for the best part... wait for it... drum roll please... IT IS AN AUTOMATIC!! *yay* I mean I know how to use a stick shift but it is so much better without it.

It was quite funny though when we went to go for a test drive. Andy got in and it was actually difficult for him to back up cause he kept reaching down to shift... I was laughing really hard. Then we went down a side road and I took over driving and for the first time since I started driving over here... I started out by pulling out onto the RIGHT side of the road! Andy said it is because it was an automatic and I didn't have to think about staying on the left when I shifted.

Since Andy's dad is insured for any car that he drives and we are not we drove his car back and he drove ours. We figured out why we were finding it so hard to drive the automatic... we were using our left foot on the brake and our right foot on the accelerator. How funny is that! Andy's dad said we need to tuck our left foot back under the seat in order to get back used to not having to shift and use that foot.

Fifteen years of driving automatic... 4 months of driving a manual... did not imagine I would have to relearn how to drive this kind of car! But boy is it worth it... no more stick!

High: 61°
Low: 52°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 5:23 AM
Sunset: 9:10 PM

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John said...

Hey I like it. Can we go for a ride now?
Its cute.
They don't have that car in the states. I mean that model.

ceelynn said...

Hooray! Do you name your cars? This guy (girl?) needs a super cute name!

Meg said...

Aaaand roadtrip!! We can leave the men-folk behind. Let's go kidnap Patty!!