309/365 : Ohhhh... The Cost!

£50.00 - Postal Order, Payee DVLA Swansea
£ 5.00 - Fee for the Postal Order
£ 4.95 - Priority Mail postage (overnight) to DVLA Swansea
£ 4.95 - Priority Mail pre-paid postage for return of documents

Total: £64.90

I am shocked. I can not believe I was charged £5.00 for a Postal/Money Order. Wow. I guess the Post Office will survive the 'credit crunch' [I hate that phrase].

So I finally found out from a DVLA employee that since I hold a US passport I must send my passport in with my application as proof of identity. Since I am doing this I do not have to have my photo signed by a UK professional that I have known for two years... which I would find difficult since I have not been here two years.

Anyway, it is not a good feeling sending my passport in the post. I mean this is my passport we are talking about. It holds my Visa which proves that I can live and work in this country. If it gets lost I have to worry about getting a new passport issued and then I have to pay something like £200 to have my Visa reissued in the new passport.

I paid for Overnight Priority Mail and I enclosed a pre-paid Overnight Priority Mail envelope so that they could return everything to me in that.

Let's hope that it gets there and back to me quickly and safely.

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Rob and Aimee said...

I am giving up on the USPS...

shipped a package to central IL for $14 priority (no delivery confirmation, stupid me); should've arrived in 3 days.

Guess what? No package. It's been 2 weeks and its not at the PO, and they can't track it since I didn't pay for delivery confirm.

I would've had to pay double that for UPS to get it there (big heavy box), but at least it would be there!

No wonder they're going out of business.

Sorry. I had to get that out of my system.

Sorry you had to pay so much to post your passport. Here's hoping the UKPS is more reliable than the US version. *sigh*

sidenote: my word verification is "nymphan"...hehe. good one! ;)