308/365 : What Mountains?

This bumper sticker says "Bolton Mountain Rescue Team Supporter".

What's that again? The Bolton 'Mountain' Rescue Team? What mountains?

I know that we live next to a rather large hill [Winter Hill] but it is no mountain. I do believe a more appropriate name would be the Bolton Hill Rescue Team. I can confirm that there are no mountains within the Bolton area... at least none that I have seen or know about anyway.

Had every intention of stopping by the post office today after work so that I could post off my Provisional License application and somehow we both forgot! *doh* Will have to remember to do it tomorrow as I can not book my theory test until I get it, but then again I really should not book it until I have at least studied... which I am finding very difficult at the moment.

And the answer to your question is yes... I always have my camera out. When Andy is driving I always have my camera at the ready so that I don't miss anything that I may see.

High: 67°
Low: 59°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 5:31 AM
Sunset: 9:01 PM

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