330/365 : Hurricane Bill

The remnants of Hurricane Bill came through England today. It was pouring down rain as we drove into work and this picture shows what the front window looked like just after the windshield wipers went by. The minute the rain was pushed away it came right back.

The rain did die down to a nice steady shower and it was quite windy all day. It was funny a week or so ago I was talking on Facebook about how I miss watching The Weather Channel. I used to be addicted to watching it when hurricanes were hitting somewhere. This is a much smaller dose of what other people received but I was still able to be involved with Hurricane Bill in a small part and that made me happy.

High: 61°
Low: 50°
Forecast: Rain and Wind
Sunrise: 6:09 AM
Sunset: 8:14 PM

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Meg said...

Wait...there was a hurricane?

I'm so out of the loop.

ceelynn said...

Yeah, what hurricane?? I've missed that too, apparently! It's strange that for such a relatively small island, the weather can be so drastically different. For the last few days, its only rained twice and that was for about 4 or 5 minutes each time. Lots of sun down South! :)