331/365 : Rude Drivers

On the way to work today there was a car broken down in the road. It was raining and the poor man and woman inside the car had to get out and push it up to this curb so that cars could pass.

Now you may have noticed below that one of the labels for this post is 'Things I Hate'. I am not referring to the car that broke down or the poor people that had to get out to push it out of the way... I am referring to the cars in front of us that thought it wise to start honking and yelling at the situation.

How can that couple help that their car just died? Do you think they wanted it to happen and then to have to get out in the rain to push it?

Rude drivers annoy me.

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Shes not from Yorkshire said...

Tell me about it!!! I totally feel your pain. I am in Spain at the moment and let me tell you here drivers are even worse than that! British drivers are usually polite in comparison. Although it does feel good to be driving on the right side again ;)
peaceful xx