332/365 : Turn Green, Turn Green, Turn Green...

This unexpected light almost made us late for work today! It stayed on red f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Thankfully they were done with the work by the time we made our way home so the light has now been removed.

Andy, James, Tracey and I were all going to go see The Final Destination in 3D tonight but when we got to the movie theater the 9pm and 11pm showings were both already sold out. We ended up seeing Funny People instead and it was a very good movie. There was some pretty strong language in it but since it is about stand up comedians this is understandable. All in all I am glad we saw it... Monday is a Bank Holiday so we have a three day weekend ahead of us. Yay!

High: 55°
Low: 48°
Forecast: Rain
Sunrise: 6:13 AM
Sunset: 8:09 PM

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Meg said...

Ooo...I HATE these things! They always take forEVer to change as well.

Matt's parents had a 3-way deal set up outside their neighbourhood and it was awful! Since you had to wait for 2 sets before it was our turn, sometimes we'd wait over 10 minutes on a night with NO traffic! ARGH!