335/365 : Going Crazy

I love Bank Holidays! We stayed in and relaxed all day and I got quite a bit of cross stitching done.

As you can see in the picture Pazzesca also enjoys having a day off to play around. She spent a good 10-15 minutes chasing her own tail. She was rolling around and flipping from side to side. Thankfully she showed she was smarter than a dog as she never started running around in circles. When she would catch her own tail she gave it a couple of licks and then let go of it to start the whole chase over. Crazy cat.

Have you noticed the date countdown up in the title? This is day 335 out of 365! I can not believe we have been over here now for 11 months... it does not seem possible.

High: 66°
Low: 54°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 6:18 AM
Sunset: 8:02 PM

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Helen said...

That's so sweet! Mine chases his tail too! And he's 11 years old.