336/365 : Get It Right!

Over here in the UK the main Satellite TV provider is Sky, which is who we have. Every month we get a Sky Magazine that tells us a little bit about what is going to be on TV and what to watch for. There is also a sports guide.

Well tonight I was flipping thru it and I came across this page which says the game to watch on September 26th is Portsmouth v. Everton.

Then I read the article underneath.

"Everton boss David Moyes deservedly won a lot of plaudits last season. Not only did his side finish sixth in the league but they..." Wait a minute back up. Sixth?

Excuse me we finished Fifth in the league.

To some this might not seem like a big deal but in the English Premier League there is what is known as 'The Big Four'. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and... (ugh) Liverpool. So honestly it is a big thing to finish Fifth! This position is also known as 'The Best of the Rest'.

I will now be off to Sky's website to try to find the complaints procedure. It would not have taken very much for the person writing this to do a little research first or for the editor to spot this mistake before it went to print.

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